Mussles ala Bocci


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Prep Time: less than a minute

Servings: 2

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hop up a sweet onion and saute in some olvie oil. When soft, add a finely
chopped clove of garlic. Add mussels, and toss in oil. Add some white
wine and cover

When mussles open, remove from the pan and pull meat from the shell. Pitch
the shells and save the meat. Add heavy cream to remaining broth and
season. I added some salt, black pepper and some red pepper. Reduce and
you can add a splash of cognac. When sauce is done, and reduced, add the
cooked pasta and toss. Throw in some green. I used chives... Add some of
the mussels back in and plate. Put remaining mussels on top of the pasta,
and shred some parm. cheese on top and serve.

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