Walled in Tomato Sauce


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Prep Time: less than a minute

Servings: 100

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Author: Bill Engleman

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1gallonsOnion, Minced
1cupOil, Olive 
5poundsGround Beef
2teaspoonBasil, Dried
2teaspoonRosemary, Dried, Crushed
2teaspoonCelery SeedActually salt
4teaspoonChili Powder
1teaspoonMustard Powder
330ouncesTomatoes, Crushed



Put oil or shortening in pot. When hot add onions..Saute for few minutes. Now grind garlic and add to onions and saute again few minutes but do not let it get brown. Now add meat and saute until meat is separated. Now add all seasoning. Saute again few minutes. Now add tomato puree adding enough water to make each can a full gallon and cook for 2 or 3 hours. If not thick enough to suit you mix little corn starch and water and add to it. Stir while adding same.
When buying spaghetti get egg spaghetti or vermicelli. When spaghetti is cooked have some melted butter or ole margarine to put on and little salt and pepper and little grated cheese and some sauce. Stir lightly and serve some sauce on the side for those who require more sauce and cheese on side for people who like lots of cheese.
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