Rye Bread


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Prep Time: less than a minute

Servings: 1

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   Warren Prince

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Everything works off the starter.

Whatever the weight of the starter, add 2/3 more in Clear flour.

Salt is the weight of the starter * .02
Brown Sugar is the weight of the starter * .04

remember to add old bread soaked in water.... this will require additional
add caraway seeds to taste.

1/15/04 - Tried some varriations... increased the Brown Sugar to .06 and threw in a little diastalic malt. Procedurally, holding back the salt, I mixed for about 30 seconds, until it just started to get mealy, and then let it rest for a bit. I then added the salt and mixed to the normal extent.

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Warren said,
almost 16 years ago
Rye Bread

I recommend using the Jewish Rye Bread recipe instead.

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