Pullman loaf


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Prep Time: less than a minute

Servings: 4

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2040gramsFlour, All Purpose
120gramMilk Powder



Mix everything together. Bake at 350


This will make 8 1# loaves. 1# is the exact size to put in the pullman form.


Dough does not rise like normal dough.... It seems to just sit there..... I let it raise in the oven (pilot heat) for about an hour and a half, and it barely budged, but when baked, it will fill the form.


2/27/05 -- Used butter instead of oil, and portioned at .15 pound for dinner rolls. Yielded 6 trays of 9 rolls each or 54 rolls.


5/14/06 - Sauted a whole sweet onion in butter till translucent, and added poppyseeds. Let this cool. I then rolled out the roll, flat, and spread about a teaspoon and a half on the roll. Folded the roll into a semi-circle, and then again into a triangle. Put point down into muffin tins. Were really great. Everyone wanted these and not the plain ones.


With the pullman loaves, be careful about weight and proof. Here are one pound doughs


You should see that they didn't even fill the bottom half. But I let the raise for about an hour and a half, and here's the result. Obviously too big. So I'd either cut the dough weight down to .9 or cut the proofing time. Need to allow for the oven spring.


Better picture of the dough spill over.


Recipe edited 7/1/2018 to convert to grams.

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Warren said,
over 1 year ago
Pullman loaf

or pain de mie, calculate 1/4 of the pan volume in kg of dough. Your pullman is about 4-4.2L in volume, so you would need about 1 kg of bread dough (minimum!) to fill it up.

The gudelines are

245g/L for normal density white sandwich bread

265g/L for baking in open top pullman

275g/L for finer, tighter crumb in closed pullman

This is how they look in 1 L pullmans after baking, each one is 4"x4"x4", exactly 1/4 of yours.. You can see that 275g of dough tried to escape!

You would not see the difference in crumb density that much, but one feels much airier than another as you eat it. 245g/L (left) vs 275g/L (right). Recipe source: Pullman Bread, p 288 in Jeffrey Hamelman(2013) Bread. A Baker's Book of Techniques and Recipes. 2nd edition.

Warren said,
over 3 years ago
Pullman loaf

1/3 recipe seems about right to make 1 tray of rolls.

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